Are Your Houseplants Returning From Summer Vacation?

Have your houseplants returned from their summer vacation outside? If so, here’s how you can help them continue to thrive inside your house.

It’s much less humid inside our homes than what they were used to outdoors. Most houseplants are from the tropics and require more humidity than our homes offer. Here’s several ways to help increase the humidity level inside:

Create a pebble tray for the pot to sit in. Add 1 or more inches of pebbles/gravel in the bottom of a plant saucer. Set your pot on the pebbles and fill the saucer with water halfway up the pebbles. You do not want your pot to sit in water – it should sit on dry pebbles. As the water evaporates it will help increase the humidity around the plants.

Place plants in groups. Group plants closer together that benefit from humid conditions and as their leaves release moisture it will help create a more humid environment for them.

Plug in a humidifier. This will increase the humidity in the whole room, not just around the plants. It creates a consistent level of humidity which is also beneficial to humans – helps with moisturizing dry skin, and slows down the travel of bacteria and viruses.

Use the reliable mister. Some plants love a good misting, while others do not. Do your research before misting your plants. A good rule of thumb is any hairy or velvety leaves do not like misting.

Give them a shower. Place them in the bathtub, shower or sink and give them a good sprinkling. Let them dry out a bit before returning them to their spot.

By using a combination of the suggestions above you will improve your houseplants overall health and appearance during the winter months to come.

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