Are Bugs On Your Plants Driving You Gnatty?

Gnats – what purpose do they have in life other than to drive us crazy!? They love to burrow in the soil of our houseplants and even just one of them flying around drives me nuts.

My research shows gnats are attracted to things by scent – sweet, fruity smells. The soap, perfume, lotion, and hair products we use invites them to buzz around our face and seem to zero in on our nose!

Fungus gnats live and reproduce in the soil of our potted plants. There are many home remedies but I’ve finally found something that kills their larvae – no baby gnats equals no flying gnats!!!

Systemic Houseplant Insect Control is a granular systemic product that not only controls your gnats but a myriad of other harmful bugs like aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, scale and many more. The active ingredient is absorbed through the roots of the plant and then spreads through the entire plant making it “taste bad” to any insects who want to lunch on the leaves.

Best of all, it is granular and is easily applied to your plants. Sprinkle the proper amount on the top of your soil and work it into the first inch or two of dirt then water thoroughly.

Repeat this process every 8 weeks and your houseplants will be free of pests and no more pesky gnats trying to fly up your nose.

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