Applying Pre-Emergent


It is time to apply your pre-emergent on your lawn and in your flower beds.

For those not familiar with what a pre-emergent is and how it helps prevent weeds here’s a brief explanation. A pre-emergent prevents weed seeds from germinating and growing into a weed. You apply pre-emergent to your lawn and flower beds in the fall to prevent cool season weeds from growing and again in spring to prevent warm season weeds.
Bonide® Crabgrass & Weed Prevention

The product is in granular form and is easily spread over your lawn using a rotary-type spreader. It is best if you spread half of the product over the entire area and then spread the rest in swaths at right angles to the first. This will help ensure an even application.

Make sure your lawn or ornamental plants are dry when you spread the product. For the pre-emergent to work properly it must have contact with the soil so apply to a dry lawn or bed. It will require watering in with ½ inch of water within a few days of application – this is what activates the product.

We can help you determine how much product is needed to cover your lawn and flower beds. Applying pre-emergent now is so much easier than pulling or spraying weeds later in the season. You grass will also be healthier since it won’t be competing with weeds for fertilizer and water.

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