All About The Weeping Bald Cypress


Bald Cypress 'Falling Waters'


This unique, accent tree is rather Seusslike and is one of my favorites. We are fortunate to have one growing in our nursery and are often asked “what kind of tree is that?”.

We don’t find them very often, but we do have a few available now. It is best used as a solitary accent plant in your landscape. Danny has trained 2 of them to cover the archway over his walkway creating a very unusual entrance.

They have many of the same characteristics of a standard bald cypress tree, except they are a weeping form instead of an upright tree. It’s needles are emerald green during the growing season and change to orange in the fall before dropping for winter.

The tree is found in New Zealand and is grafted onto our native southern bald cypress. The pairing creates a compact tree growing 12-15 feet tall and 8-10 feet wide within 15 – 20 years. It can grow taller and wider if not pruned over it’s lifetime.
Ours has knees due to the high volume of water it receives daily. One grown in a drier area is said to not develop knees. Plant in either full sun or partial sun, in either a wet area or a dry area. This tree is for those who want something different and for true plant geeks – just be prepared to answer the question “what kind of tree is that?”

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