All About The: ‘Variegated August Beauty’ Gardenia

'Variegated August Beauty' Gardenia

Most of us are drawn to variegated plants.  They hold your interest year-round, even when not in bloom.  The cream-white and green variegation of this plant is striking.  Combine that with the sweet aroma of its 2-3 inch flowers which bloom in late spring – it could easily be one of your favorites.

It requires at least partial sun to bloom, with morning sun and afternoon shade being ideal.  Well-draining soil is a must, yellowing leaves is usually a sign of overwatering.  Once established its watering needs are average however more is necessary when newly planted.

Maturing at 5’ high and 4’ wide it is perfect for an accent plant or anchors in your landscape design.  It is supposed to be deer resistant, but… deer don’t always follow the rules.

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