All About Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus has become a “thing”!  I’ve seen multiple listings for 3 sprigs selling for $30.  There are many uses for Eucalyptus on line – some more believable than others, but I just like it for the plant.

We were lucky and found some beautiful 7-gallon trees that are 3-4 feet tall, have multiple branches and are very pretty – and we can’t forget how good they smell.

They are hardy to our area, I planted a small 1 foot tall tree in 1996 and it grew to over 15 feet tall.  Unfortunately, it didn’t make it through this last winter’s deep freeze. (sigh)

They like full to partial sun, prefer moist soil but not soggy soil.  They are very fast growers.  You can grow them in containers but choose one much larger than you think you will need so it won’t outgrow the pot for several years.

Eucalyptus can be a bit finicky to grow indoors so I suggest keeping them outside.  They prefer 6 hours of sun per day which is hard to accomplish indoors.

(PRO TIP: Want to use Eucalyptus sprigs in a fresh flower arrangement? Keep them preserved by using water and glycerin! Keep the tip of the Eucalyptus stem in water for two weeks, and then place the tip of the stem into glycerin for two weeks — the stem will uptake the glycerin, making it flexible and easy to keep!)

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