All About Dipladenia

Try this bushy form of mandevilla in your pots by the pool, on a sunny deck or anywhere you want constant blooms this summer.   This plant loves the heat and is showy enough to stand on its own or use it as the thriller in a container planting.  It is an alternative for tropical hibiscus in your larger pots.



The trumpet-shaped flowers come in red, pink, coral, peach or white and will attract  hummingbirds.  It’s glossy leaves are deep green and create the perfect backdrop for the bright, multiple blooms.  No staking is required and it has a fuller shape than the climbing mandevilla.



Water frequently in the heat of summer allowing the top few inches of the soil to dry out between waterings.  Fertilize with liquid plant food or BR61 weekly during the growing season.  You can overwinter indoors or in a greenhouse but suspend fertilizing in the winter.


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