About Baccto® Potting Soil

For those that prefer a cleaner planting medium free of pests and other contaminants we offer Bactto® Premium Potting Soil.  It is a blend of nutritious dark reed sedge peat, perlite and sand.  It also includes both starter and slow-release fertilizers for a longer lasting feeding time.

The rich blend can be used right out of the bag as a general potting soil suitable for most plants.  It is also perfect for germinating seeds and rooting cuttings.

What’s dark reed-sedge peat?  It comes from peatlands in Michigan which have very strict laws and regulations to protect wetlands.  Michigan peat is a decomposed sedge grass and comes from digging in areas that were once wet, not active wet lands.

We stock a 25-quart bag that is lighter weight and easier to carry than larger cubic foot bags.

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