A Little Bit About Bromeliads

These showy plants look like they are high maintenance, but the opposite is true.  They are easy to care for and the blooms are long lasting and produce “pups” to carry on after the Mama plant is gone.



They are prized for their thick foliage and brightly colored flowers.  The leaves are shaped like a cup which catches water.


In the wild they cling to trees and other structures used as perches to gather sun and moisture.  They are similar to “air plants” since they grow nested onto logs, moss or other non-soil items.



Fill the cup at the base of the leaves and place them in a brightly lit area, but not in direct sun.  Feed them with a half strength fertilizer every month in the growing season.


You will notice pups form at the base of the plant.  After they are large enough to break away from Mom, cut them away and plant them in a sphagnum moss mix.


Sadly, the original plant’s life is over at this point, but now you can enjoy watching the little guy (or girl) grow and form a flower of its own.  As the pups mature water and fertilize them the same as you did the parent plant.


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