8 Reasons To Use Mulch In Your Beds & Containers

Spreading mulch in your beds and containers is usually the final step – sort of a “TA-DA” moment signaling I’m done. Not only does it provide a finished look but also has benefits for your plants.

1. If spread thickly enough (3” is the recommended thickness in flower beds) it will help prevent grassy weeds from growing by blocking the sunlight from the weed seed.

2. A thick mulch layer also helps hold moisture in your soil. As the temperature rises, we want our plants to benefit from every drop of water given to them. The mulch helps reduce water evaporating from the soil.

3. Mulch also acts as a soil insulator by keeping the soil cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months. This protects the roots of your plant and makes for a healthier overall plant.

4. A layer of mulch can help stop soil erosion due to watering and rain in your beds.

5. As the mulch decomposes it acts as a compost adding nutrients to your soil.

6. Mulch can cover up a lot of “ugly” too. We all have those weird things in our beds that are eye sores, but when covered with mulch are hidden.

7. Mulch gives your bed a finished look and allows the plants to be the star of the show.

8. Use mulch as a final step in containers to receive the same benefits and to give your pots a finished look.

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