8 Low Maintenance Perennials to Add to your Landscape

Want your flower garden to keep blooming year after year with minimal effort? Then low-maintenance perennials are your best bet. Perennials are not only easy to care for and cost-effective, but they’re beautiful and can easily enhance your current landscape. If you’re a newbie to gardening, growing perennials is a fantastic way to gain experience.


Coral Bells ‘Heuchera’coral bells


A star of any landscape or container, Coral Bells come in a variety of bright colors and mixes that suit any taste. The primary appeal? It’s foliage – from deep purple and burgundy, to red and lime green – the flowers are NOT the star on this plant. While Coral Bells DO produce flowers, they aren’t flashy – the extent of them being on a large stalk in the middle of the plant with little clusters of flowers on top. They are hardy and reliable, and while they do BEST in the shade, they don’t mind a little sun.




If you’re a lover of feathery foliage, then Yarrow is for you! This long-blooming plant features a flat-topped flower that grows easily in most climates and soils. Yarrow also attracts butterflies and comes in a variety of colors! It’s one of the most low-maintenance plants around, and its foliage can add some greenery to your garden. Plant it alongside perennials with similar needs and you’ll see how well it complements other flowers and shrubs, like the Hosta.


Black-eyed Susanblackeyed susan


If you’re looking for some color in your garden, then you need to plant some Black-eyed Susans ASAP! These flowers are quite resistant to drought and the perfect choice for someone new to gardening.




They are the quintessential cottage flower.  Carnation looking blooms in a variety of pinks, reds and whites start blooming in early spring and continue through early summer.  It has grasslike, blue-green foliage with abundant starry flowers which are often spicily fragrant.


Shasta Daisyshasta daisy


Bright, white flowers bloom throughout the summer on this easy to care for plant.  It is evergreen in our location (meaning it does not die down in the winter).  The flowers can be enjoyed on the plant or as cut flowers.  Deadheading will increase the speed of new blooms appearing on the plant.  A great addition to any garden!


Salvia ‘May Night’maynight


Looking for an upright, clump-forming perennial? You’ll find it in wood sage. This flower blooms from late Spring to early Summer and features dainty, tubal flower petals, which come in a variety of shades such as blue, purple, and lavender. ‘May Night’ Salvia grows to about 2 feet tall and can be grown in dry to medium and well-drained soils under direct sunlight.




With a bloom time from June to August, it’s not hard to see why the brightly-colored Coneflower should be planted in your garden. Cheerful and exotic looking, this Coneflower is tolerant of hot temperatures, humidity, drought, and even poor soil. This beautiful plant grows in clumps and even self-seeds — make sure to deadhead to improve appearance.





If you crave mounds of heart-shaped, shade-loving foliage for your garden or container, then the Hosta, with its lily-like blooms, is the perfect choice. This drought-tolerant ground cover is the ultimate garden filler and is a great way to add texture and depth to your flower beds. Combine with your favorite colorful perennials, like the Hydrangea, for a striking contrast!



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