6 Tips For Success In Zone 8


With our direct heat and inconsistent freezes, it can be confusing (and downright maddening) to try and figure out what plants can grow in Zone 8. Not only that, it can be frustrating to keep plants you LOVE from dying. So how do you even go about gardening in Zone 8?

While we can’t give you a foolproof list of every plant that will survive here, we can provide some easy tips to make landscaping and gardening here much easier.

Have your frost protection ready – Even in Texas 8, plants are susceptible to frost damage, just not as frequently or for such extended periods of time. You still need to have frost protection ready — even a sheet suspended above your favorite plant will keep frost off in a pinch.

Don’t start too early. How many times have we all wasted perfectly good plants by setting them out too early? It wastes your effort, time and money. Pay attention to the first and last frost date for your area and don’t push it too much.

Make plans for heat protection by using strategic planting methods. Utilize afternoon shade by placing tall plants on the west side of the garden. This can help with creating a more successful landscape.

Use water saving measures in the garden. Drip irrigation and soaker hoses will make your watering time easier. Putting out mulch will also increase the amount of moisture held in your beds and keep the soil temperature cooler, too!

Connect with other gardeners in your area. Consider joining a local gardening club or find a local group on Facebook.

Keep your own gardening and planting records. Whether your garden journal is a red notebook, binder, or even an online document, keep track of what you learn from year to year. You can look back and apply what you’ve learned over the years and compare. All garden knowledge is helpful.

Zone 8 gardening can be challenging and rewarding, but if you take these 6 steps you can be successful.

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