5 Tips To Keep Your Annual Flowers Blooming All Summer

    1. Feed them!  It takes a lot of energy to continue creating blooms.  Feed weekly if you’re using a water soluble food like Carl Pool Fortified, Schultz or Miracle Gro.


    1. Give them a hair-cut.  You can clip back leggy Petunias and Vinca – they’ll soon send out new foliage and blooms and look fresher.  Make sure to feed them after clipping.


    1. Water consistently.  Allowing the plants to get excessively dry and wilt between watering leads to unhealthy plants that will not bloom well.  Try to water often enough to prevent this from happening.


    1. Water enough.  Don’t just splash the surface – give the plants a thorough watering so the water reaches the roots.


    1. Water the soil.  Avoid spraying water randomly over the top of the plants. Direct the water at the soil and base of the plants.


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