4 Unique Plants For The Holiday Season


‘Yuletide’ Camellia Who doesn’t love a blooming plant in the winter. These remind me of Christmas trees with their bright red blooms accented with yellow centers. They begin blooming in November and continue through Dec/Jan. Pick a special spot, preferably with afternoon shade, to plant them. They will eventually reach 6 feet tall and wide.

‘Blue Rug’ Juniper is a creeping plant (not creepy). It has all of the good characteristics of junipers but fits in small spaces. Perfect for groundcover they create a beautiful carpet in sunny areas, as accents in containers their green needles add unusual texture. No blooms, but beautiful green plants year round.

Rosemary Not just an herb! Use them in containers for their year round green color and awesome scent, add seasonal annuals and you’ve got a long lasting design. Plant the prostrate (creeping) variety as spillers in containers or as ground cover in beds. They will reward you with light blue blooms several times during the year. A must have plant!

‘Coral Bark’ Japanese Maples aren’t usually on a holiday list but they are so bright and cheerful they should be. As the temperature cools off the bark on this tree’s branches turn hot pink to make a stunning statement wherever they are planted. In the spring the green leaves emerge while the bark is still pink creating a wonderful contrast of colors. The fall leaf color is a mixture of golds and oranges. This variety of Japanese Maple can be planted in much sunnier places than most Japanese maples too.

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