Why We Love The ‘Eagleston’ Holly

‘Eagleston’ Holly in a tree form checks a lot of the boxes if you’re seeking a small ornamental tree.

    • It is evergreen so it keeps it’s glossy leaves all year


    • It is a single trunk tree, not multi-trunk


    • It grows to 15 – 25 feet tall and 10 – 20  feet wide


    • It handles full sun or partial shade


    • It grows naturally in a pyramidal shape


    • It is drought tolerant (when mature) and disease resistant


    • It has showy red berries in winter


The Eagleston is a cross between a Dahoon Holly and Native American Holly and has grown in popularity.  If you’ve been searching for a small, ornamental tree, Eagleston Holly may be the perfect answer.  This is one of my go-to favorites and they are back in stock!

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