We are receiving many calls and emails about how to properly water trees during the extreme heat and dry conditions.  Many trees have brown leaf tips, solid brown leaves and some have dropped their leaves entirely.  These are all signs that the tree is in distress and needs additional water quickly to survive.

Newly planted trees require more frequent watering than trees planted 2 years ago. They require watering every day and enough water to soak in to reach the roots which are 8 – 12 inches deep.

When the ground around the tree is dry it will act like a sponge and wick up water that was meant for the tree. Increasing the amount of water to the tree is necessary when this occurs.

The goal is to water slowly enough so the water soaks in and doesn’t run off. Here’s how:

  • Place a soaker hose around the tree that will slowly water the tree.

  • Set a tree bubbler that is perfect for watering trees and attach it to your hose.  (We have tree bubblers here).

  • Place a hose under canopy of the tree, set the water to trickle and leave it on long enough for it to soak deeply into the soil.  If it is a larger tree, you may need to move the hose to another spot(s) so it is thoroughly watered.

  • Drill or punch a hole in the side at the base of a bucket.  Place the bucket under the tree canopy and fill it with water (make sure the hole is facing the trunk).  It may require several bucket fill-ups to water deeply enough.  As with the trickle hose, you may need to move the bucket to different areas of the tree or use multiple buckets.

  • Place mulch around the tree to help trap the water and keep it from evaporating in the heat.

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