Wind River® Corinthian Bells® ‘Copper Vein’ – 56 inch



Looking for a musical garden ornament for your home? This 56″ wind chime is an excellent choice, offering incredible resonance and powerful presence. Tuned to the scale of G, this version will accompany the 60″ version, also on G, for added range.


Listen now:


Product Specs
Overall Length (Inches): 56″
Number of Tubes: 6
Hand-Tuned to Scale: G
Display Dimensions (Inches): 56″L x 13″H x 13″W
Diameter of Tubes (Inches): 1 3/4″
Length of Longest Tube (Inches): 32″
Notes in Chime: G A B D E G
Weight: 16.0 lb
Corinthian Bells®
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