The Bamboo Gardener™ Gloves



These comfortable, rubber palm gloves are made perfectly for gardening.


  • Comfortable: Breathable, flexible all natural Bamboo garden & work gloves keep you drier in hot weather and warmer in cool weather while reducing sweat. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial

  • Long lasting: A little thicker than normal garden gloves for increased durability and cushioning

  • Grip: Puncture resistant coating provides a great textured work glove grip in wet or dry conditions so your hands won’t slip while pulling weeds or shoveling dirt

  • Eco-friendly: Natural latex coating decomposes unlike synthetics such as nitrile or polyurethane found in most garden gloves that can fill up landfills for decades

Bellingham C2603AP EXCEPTIONALLY COOL Patterned Gloves |



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