Perky-Pet® Ready-To-Use 4-Pack Hummingbird Nectar



Perky-Pet® Ready-To-Use Red Hummingbird Nectar helps get your hummingbird feeder up and running fast. Hummingbirds will appreciate the beneficial food source, and hummingbird enthusiasts can put their feet up and enjoy watching the dazzling birds buzzing about and dining at the feeder.

    • Bird-friendly recipe mimics real flower nectar

    • Comes in a convenient 4-pack (16oz per can)

    • Made of pure cane sugar – an essential energy source for hummingbirds

    • Contains 100% more sugar than standard Perky-Pet nectar (22% total sugar)

    • All-natural red color attracts hummingbirds; contains no red dye #40

    • Aluminum can design reduces plastic waste by 95% compared to standard Perky-Pet plastic bottles

    • No boiling or mixing – just pop open, pour nectar, and recycle the can

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