Big Bag Beds


The Raised Garden Bed That’s Just So Simple


Start your home garden quickly & easily with Big Bag Bed fabric raised beds. They are the simplest way to start container gardening – perfect for those places you “can’t” dig.


  • Turns Any Space Into A Garden
    Terrace, patio, deck, and undiggableground
  • Up As Fast As You Can Pour In Soil Mix*
    Unfold & fill. No wood or nails needed
  • Sturdy Enough To Move Around
    Easily relocated where & when you want
  • Reusable For Years
    Withstands the elements. Folds for storage
  • Instant Garden Gratification
    1-2-3 Done!



Regular Round  50″ Diameter x 12″ Walls

Jr. Round  36″ Diameter x 12″ Walls 

12′ Long Bed   12′ Long x 16″ Walls

8′ Long Bed  8′ Long x 16″ Walls

6′ Long Bed  6′ Long x 16″ Walls