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We carry the best in the business and, in addition to our chemical products, we have a large selection of organic products as well.

A few of the brands

THGC favorites & new products

Bonide Annual Tree & Shrub Drench

Just mix and pour at the base of the tree!
If you have insects attacking your shrubs or trees, then this product is the way to go!
This product makes it easy!
And, this is one of the few products that has been shown to get rid of crape myrtle scale!


Just look up the reviews on this product and you'll see why it's one of our favorites. Customers who use it, swear by it. As for organic fertilizer, superthrive can't be beat!

Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew

One of our newest products, Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew is an all organic product that kills bagworms, borers, beetles, caterpillars, codling moth, gypsy moth, loopers, leaf miners, spider mites, tent caterpillars, thrips and more!

Bonide Infuse Systemic Fungicide

Powdery mildew, dollar spot, black spot, rust... This product gets rid of them all!
This product works systemically (works from the inside out) and provides disease control on roses, flowers, lawns, trees and shrubs!

Rose Rx - 3 in 1

This organic product is an Insecticide, Miticide & Fungicide all in one! Kills eggs, larvae and adults! For use on roses and flowers as well as fruit, nuts, vegetables, herbs, spices, houseplants, trees and shrubs.