In the last newsletter I referenced using moisture meters as a tool to monitor your plant’s need for water. Since that time, we’ve received calls about the moisture meters inconsistent results. I’m not sure what’s causing this, but they no longer seem to be giving reliable results. We have removed this item from inventory for that reason.

Try one of the following methods to check the moisture in your soil:

  • The tried and true method is test with your fingers.
  • Another is to probe the ground with a long metal rod (rebar) or long screwdriver. If it goes into the soil easily it is in moist soil. It becomes difficult to push in dryer soil. (This does not work with newly planted trees or shrubs)
  • Use method #2 but look for moist soil on the probe upon removal. (Similar to sticking a toothpick into the brownie pan to check to see if they are done) If the probe is dry then your soil is probably also dry.
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