Planting & Maintenance

Don't have the time or knowledge needed to keep your landscape looking great and healthy?

Let us do it for you!

Our trained Crew helps keep your landscape beautiful.

We don't mow your lawn, but we do everything else! 


Trim shrubs 

Spread fertilizer 

Spread pre-emergent 

Weed beds

Spray for insects

Treat Diseases/Fungus

Spread fresh dirt/mulch 

Just to name a few!  

Our crew can come as often as you like!

Many customers use our services on a monthly basis to ensure that their landscape stays healthy. Others use us for special projects that are too big for them to tackle.  

Why use the Home and Garden Center?

Beyond the professionalism & great work our crews accomplish, here are a few more reasons to consider using The Home & Garden Center:  

Our crews are covered by Workers' Compensation, therefore, they cannot file a claim on your homeowners insurance policy if injured on your property.We will provide you with a certificate of insurance verifying General Liability Insurance coverage and Workers' Compensation.
Verify this coverage with other contractors for your protection. 

Criminal background checks are performed on all employees. This includes National, State and County searches, as well as National and State Sexual Offender Lists.