8,200 square ft greenhouse

The greenhouse is open year-round and is where we keep our annuals along with succulents, houseplants and many of our tender perennials during the winter.

6 acres of plants

Jump on a golf cart & tour our 6 acre nursery that contains shrubs, trees, perennials & more!

Take a 360 tour of our location:

we offer a 2 year warranty on trees and shrubs

THGC Guarantee:

Bonide, when using their root stimulator, along with soil amendment, offers a two year warranty, but IF YOU ARE NOT purchasing the two year warranty:
We can guarantee that when the plants leave THGC that they are in good health. We want your plants to thrive and if they start showing signs or symptoms of stress or sickness call or email us RIGHT AWAY with pictures and we will have our team of specialist figure out what is going on and what can be done. Plants are living things, and just like when a puppy is adopted from the shelter, once the puppy is taken home, the care of the animal rests on the owner. Because we cannot guarantee that they will be watered and taken care of once they are out of our care, the responsibility of the health of the plant rests on the customer. When buying any living thing there is always a risk of under/over watering, fungus, insects, etc.