Garden Center 101

Will not come back the next year but gives instant color and lasts all season long. Flowering annuals bloom consistently all season long.

Tender perennial:
Has a chance to come back the next year but needs to be protected in the winter.

Will come back year after year and most have a certain time of year that they bloom.

Will need to be brought inside or go into a greenhouse for the winter​

Loses it's leaves in the winter

Keeps it's leaves year-round​

​For decoration only 
ie: ornamental peach vs fruiting peach 

Sun? Shade? How many hours and what time of day? Many plants can handle morning sun, but can't take the hot, afternoon sun. 

Know how large the area is. Unless you plan on trimming regularly, we do not recommend putting a plant that is going to grow 10' wide in a spot that is only 3' wide. Same rule goes for height.

Our zone, here in Longview, can change between 8a and 8b and East Texas zone 8 is different from South Carolinas zone 8.

​Our summer sun is stronger, so a plant that can handle full sun in zone 8 in another state, might only be able to part-sun in East Texas.

If the item you are looking at is in our shade center then it will need either part or full shade. 

 Most problems that arise with plants is improper planting or watering.

Here, at THGC, we want your garden to thrive!

Download our watering and planting instructions that are available at the bottom of this page.

Planting and Watering

Watering Instructional by THGC (jpg)


Planting Instructional by THGC (jpg)