Want a beautiful landscape but not sure where to start?

Want to do the work yourself but need some design help?

Our Plant By Number program is perfect for the DIY'er!


Email, text or bring us a simple sketch of the area you want to landscape.

Include measurements (length and width) of the outline of the beds or house (see example).

Bring us pictures of the area.

This helps us better understand what plants will work best!

Make sure we have your contact information!

This will allow our designers to contact you once your design is finished! 

Our designer will create your personalized, easy to follow design. (see example below)

Your designer will meet with you at the store, walk you through the design and answer any questions you may have!


After your designer walks you through the design ​and the plants are purchased the design is yours!

Please note:  During our busy season (spring to early summer) demand for Plant By Number designs is very high.  Our designers will work as quickly as possible but it may take up to two weeks to complete your plan, depending on how many plans are being created. 

Looking to start the project today?

We also offer FREE in-store consultations with a designer! This option is for those wanting to pick up their plants TODAY! 

Things you will want to bring:
1. Pictures and measurements of the area

2. Knowledge of how much sun it gets and what time of day it gets it (AM vs PM). 

Please know, our designers may not always be available and for those instances the customer is welcome to wait or set up an appointment to meet with one of our designers!


Email us your pictures, measurements and a picture of a rough sketch of the area. If sending by e-mail send to email@thgc.net with "Plant By Number" in the subject line, and make sure to put your phone number so we can contact you! 

Text us your pictures, measurements and a picture of a rough sketch of the area and one of our designers will start on your design.  Make sure to include the words “Plant by number” in your text.