Garden Center Employee

If you enjoy working outside and not doing the same thing over and over again, then this may be the job for you. We are a large garden center that offers trees, plants and hardgoods to our customers.

The days go by quickly since you stay busy helping customers load items, unload plant shipments, stock plants into the nursery, learn how to operate equipment to load bulk soil/mulch into customer’s trailers and trucks and a variety of other tasks around the nursery,


You will work with great coworkers and learn valuable skills for your future. (PVC pipe repair, basic carpentry skills, equipment maintenance).

Your schedule could include working weekends but you will have 2 days off in a row during the week. Wage depends upon experience.

🇺🇸💧Pay NO TAX In-Store on Plants, Trees, and Mulch Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday, May 28th to Monday, May 30th!💧🇺🇸
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