Here's how it works:

We take measurements & pictures of the area you would like landscaped and load it into our landscaping software.
Anything you no longer want in your new landscape is deleted from the picture.

If you like, you can be a part of the plant selection process, tour the nursery (on a golf car) with your designer & help in the selection of plants for your landscape! We find out what type of landscape you desire - tropical, formal, cottage, xeriscape - and base the design on your likes and dislikes.

You give us your budget for the project and the design process begins! 


Beyond the professionalism & great work our crews accomplish, here are a few more reasons to consider using The Home & Garden Center: 

 Our crews are covered by Worker's Compensation, therefore, they cannot file a claim on your homeowners insurance policy if injured on your property.We will provide you with a certificate of insurance verifying General Liability Insurance coverage and Workers's Compensation.
​Verify this coverage with other contractors for your protection. 

Criminal background checks are performed on all employees. This includes National, State and County searches, as well as National and State Sexual Offender Lists.